Onew shows a new side of himself through his 2nd mini-album, “DICE.”

After a three-year hiatus, Onew has returned with his 2nd solo Mini Album “DICE.” The title track (DICE) is a bright pop song about the ups and downs of a relationship and how it can sometimes seem like a game of DICE. The singer wanted to show a new side of himself going into this project. He spoke about meeting up with SHINee’s long-time producer (Hitchhiker) to discuss ideas, as well as communicating to the art directors about how the cover art should look.

“I pondered a lot about the lyrics. How to arrange them, how to mix the songs, compile the album, the album artwork, outfits, etc. I communicated a lot for this album. Before, there was a songwriter who worked with SHINee and has helped produce my “DICE” album. We talked a lot and shared our ideas and put them together.”

As well as working with Hitchhiker Onew worked with the likes of Cha Cha Malone, Sam Kim (샘김), Adrian McKinnon, and Tay Jasper for the song “On My Way.” In this particular track, fans have noticed a change in the singer’s voice. Onew credits this to the voice lessons he took after serving in the military. 

After being discharged from the army, I wanted to express new voices and other musical elements to you guys. So I began taking voice lessons.

Onew’s new album “DICE” has been released on all streaming platforms and contains six tracks, including DICE, Sunshine, On The Way, Love Phobia, Yeowoobi, and In The Whale. 

1. DICE (Our Fave)
2. Sunshine (Our Fave)
3. On The Way (Our Fave)
4. Love Phobia (Our Fave)
5. Yeowoobi
6. In The Whale (Our Fave)

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