Recording In Session: LUCY

After JTBC’s survival show, Superband, the band, LUCY, has received recognition for their unique style of music and refreshing rhythms.

Because of the saturated boy and girl groups in the Kpop industry, bands haven’t been shown in the best lighting. When singers sometimes perform in front of people, live bands are brought to set the stage instead of the vocalists making a band themselves. So in turn, for the longest time, bands weren’t promoted and brought up to par with the demand for full vocal/dancing groups always wanted.

However, in recent years, the idea of bands has recreated itself into something different. Bands like F.T. Island, CNBLUE, Day6, The Rose, etc., are known to produce hit songs that have changed people’s perceptions on bands. LUCY will be the next one to shake the core of the music world.

LUCY is a four-member group, consisting of Jo Won-sang, Choi Sang-yeob, Shin Gwan-gil, and Shin Ye-chan. The band plays guitar, bass guitar, drums, and violin. Yes, a violin! The violin aspect was something I didn’t expect in a band, but it works so seamlessly to the point where the music becomes much more powerful.

Shin Ye-chan is the oldest in the group and plays the violin. He started playing the violin at a young age and his skills are not a joke!

Choi Sang-yeob is the vocalist and also plays guitar. He has sung many OST’s like; “When You Walk” from the Kdrama “My Strange Hero”, “Cheer Up” from the Kdrama “Welcome to Waikiki”, “Take My Hand” from the Kdrama “Last Romance”, and many more.

Jo Won-sang plays the bass guitar but his producing skills are next level. His music arrangements on Superband was noticed by Coldplay on Twitter and he said, “..This is all kinds of awesome..”.

Shin Gwan-gil plays the drums but he sings as well. He originally came into the group as a singer but because he could play the drums, he chose the instrument as his calling.

When the band was performing on Superband, they didn’t originally have Choi Sang-yeob. Vocalist Lee Ju-hyeok was with the group at the time instead. Choi Sang-yeob was eliminated in the beginning of the show. After LUCY had won runner up in the show, Lee Ju-hyeok returned back to his original band. LUCY decided to choose Choi Sang-yeob because he had captivated their attention with his cool, breezy yet smooth vocals.

The four unique talents make for their music to be something that is one of a kind and out of this world!

Lucy is known to include a lot of real, ambient sounds in their music. Take for example, the song “Cry Bird” that was performed on Superband, sounds of birds and water were used to make the song more intimate.

Another of my favorites from Superband was “Snooze”. Sounds like the chugging of the train, children, and alarms were used to get the message of the song across to the audience. The music is uplifting and something I would intentionally listen to on a busy, snoozy day.

Listening to their music, I feel as if I am truly the main character of my own story. It makes me feel like I want to tackle the big, wide, world out there with courage. I want to enjoy every blissful moment and make it mine.

LUCY is truly one of a kind. They recently debuted as an official group under the label Mystic Story. The debuted with the single, “Flowering”. The song felt like something out of a fairytale or as if I was a character in a Studio Ghibli film.

Their feel-good music and unique character is what is going to make these up and rising artists dominate the music industry.

If you haven’t already, listen to “Flowering” below. Also, check out their discography on Spotify because I’m sure you will not regret it!