Stray Kids back with an OST

Stray Kids has just recently released a new OST titled “Hello Stranger” for the web drama, “Pop Out Boy”.

The web drama, “Pop Out Boy”, is a short, 10 episode series that can be found on Youtube under the youtube channel, “PLAYLIST Global” or “플레이리스트”. Playlist Studio has produced many hit series such as “A-Teen”, “Love Playlist”, and more.

“Pop Out Boy” has new and upcoming actors making their appearance on this fun and witty highschool drama. Produce 101 Jellyfish trainee, Kim Min-kyu is debuting as the lead character in this web series. Weki Meki’s DoYeon is the lead actress. She has also acted in “Melo is my nature”  as well as other web dramas. Choi Hyun-wook is a novice actor who is ready to show his refreshing charms in this drama.

“Pop Out Boy” talks about a comic book character that has literally ‘popped out’ of a comic book. NamWook (Kim Min-kyu) is the main lead in a popular manga that is pure and innocent. In the manga, he has a romantic relationship with the female lead Han Seon-Nyeo (DoYeon). However, in real life, there is a similar person with the same name and same face. What happens when a manga character meets the real Han Seon-Nyeo?

Stray Kids released the music video for the OST of the show about three hours ago. The MV shows a chic, wannabe style of strong outer image, which might allude to the image NamWook is trying to be and Han Seon-Nyeo is trying to lead. The song opens up with several upbeat tones and fast electronic beats that builds up to the first lines Felix sing’s.

The tone feels sassy yet powerful as if it’s trying to say “You’re the one for me, and I’m going to make it that way.” It’s straightforward feeling gives the music video a strong image. The tempo also adds to the strength as it is very upbeat. It makes the audience want to bop their heads and vibe with the song.

Stray Kids have made yet another song a bopy hit! On Youtube, two versions of the song are released. One is the official MV of StrayKids and the other is show relay with the song.

Check out both versions below!