Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi Sub-Unit Makes Their Grand Debut with “Monster”

The wait is finally over!

Red Velvet’s first sub-unit with members, Irene and Seulgi, have made their bold debut with their mini-album “Monster” on July 6th.The duo successfully showcased a new side of them for their fans. They have proven their prowess as they reign on both domestic and global charts.

On its release, the mini-album have won 1st place on multiple music charts, such as HANTEO Chart, Shinnara Record, and YES24. It has also gained top place on Bugs, VIBE, and MOMOPLE. The strong debut of the sub-unit doesn’t stop there. The “Monster” album have also reached no.1 on iTunes charts in 45 international charts such as Canada, France, Philippines, and Taiwan to name a few. It has also topped the Digital Album Sales charts of China’s qqMusic and KuGou.

Reveluvs are over the moon for Irene and Seulgi’s debut mini album, which consists of five songs with intense beats and smooth vocals. The album includes a title track of the same name, “Monster.”

The music video has been delayed a day, but has been finally released the 7th at 12 PM KST on Youtube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel. As of 11 AM KST, the “Monster” MV is trending in 52 countries.

Watch the “Monster” MV now if you haven’t already! You will not be disappointed.

Congratulations to the powerful duo for their successful debut!

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