Shuffle Your Playlist: Day6

A worldwide growing phenomenon, Day6, has claimed their spot in K-Pop as one of the most sensational bands to wow audiences time and time again. 

Day6 debuted on September 7, 2015, as a five-member band. The group consists of members Sungjin, Jae, YoungK, Wonpil, and Dowoon! To bring out the best of every song, each member has their own unique instrument that together, creates a harmonious track! Sungjin plays the acoustic guitar, Wonpil plays the keyboard, and the synthesizer, Jae plays the electric guitar, Dowoon plays the drums, and YoungK plays the bass.

On Day6’s official channel, the band talks about their own instrument and what the instrument does for the group as well as what they mean to them. If you haven’t already, I recommend you guys check that out!

As a band, they have only released, in my opinion, some of the best songs. Today, I’m going to introduce to you Day6 songs that SHOULD be added to your playlist if they haven’t already. I wish I could include every Day6 song in existence but since I can’t, please check them out on Spotify and YouTube because I assure you, you will not regret it!

  1. “Congratulations”

    WHAT A SONG~~! When anyone thinks of Day6, they think of this OG debut song! This song had over 31 million views and is still listened to this day on repeat! A heartfelt song that talks about goodbye to a past lover.

  2. “Habits”

    Another song from the first album! I wish I could add all the songs from this album! You may notice that there is one other member. His name is Junhyeok and his vocals were absolutely gorgeous as well but sadly, he left the group in early 2016.

  3. “Letting Go”

    A song about letting someone go for their happiness; a perfect heartbreak song. The vocals, YoungK’s rap, the instrumental harmonization, everything about this song is an absolute masterpiece!

  4. “Wish”

    Something about this song can just lift a person in a second! It’s as if this song is trying to say “you are not alone; I wish for something better” while dancing with them all night long! An instant mood booster!

  5. “What Can I Do”

    This is one of my favorite songs by Day6! The thing about Day6 is that you can play their songs over and over again but you can never get tired of them! They are just all around bops!

  6. I Wait

    From the beginning to the end I was HOOKED! The visuals, the cinematography, *chef’s kiss* EXCELLENCE! Jae’s “I wait” at the start of the song caught me off guard and legend says that I’m still trying to recover from that…

  7. “You Were Beautiful”

    An iconic song that must be added to your playlist! The thoughts after a breakup are what this song so beautifully presents!

  8. “I Would”

    One of my ultimate favorites from Day6! Tears will just flow listening to this song as we reminisce about a past relationship! YoungK’s vocals towards the end of this song gave me chills!

  9. “I Smile”

    Dowoon’s drums are best highlighted in this song! Dowoon’s talent with his drums is not a joke!

  10. “Whatever”

    A happy pill song!

  11. “I Love You”

    This song is a MUST-ADD Day6 song! One of the most iconic songs of Day6! A song that every “My Day” (fan name) knows! This is a song that you will bop your head too as streams of tears flow down your eyes. A beautiful confession song!

  12. “I’ll Remember”

    Imagine being at a Day6 concert and this song starts playing! It must be truly magical…

  13. “I Need Somebody”

    The guitars in this song were AMAZING! Wow! I have no words other then you must listen to it!

  14. “When You Love Someone”

    The lyrics on all of Day6’s songs are all on another level! With each bop, there are hard driven lyrics that are carefully written with so much meaning! If you don’t speak Korean or Korean isn’t your first language, then I suggest you look up the translated lyrics because, wow, it’s absolutely AMAZING!

  15. “Shoot Me”

    With 35 million views and one of their more newer songs (2018), this song slaps hard! The music video is so eye-catching! There are so many things going on but it makes it 100% better! The song along with the visuals makes this a video a must-watch and this track a must-listen!

  16. “Best Part”

    There’s something about this song that just gives heavy road trip vibes! The skylight of the car is open and you’re standing up in the open. The wind blows your long locks of hair back as you soak in the warm summer sun and that point you want nothing else but this best part of life played over and over again!

  17. “Headache”

    Ah, what a song! No words, just vibes.

  18. “Sweet Chaos”

    Released in 2019, this song really comes to show how far these five members came as a band! With each song they produce, there’s always a newer and cooler side that is shown! Their only going up and further out in the future!

  19. “365247”

    This one of my favorite songs from this album; mostly because Dowoon sings in this song! This album stands to be one of my favorite albums from Day6!

  20. “Zombie”

    Day6’s most recent release, “Zombie”! This song held so much meaning to those going through a tough time. Released during Quarantine, this song perfectly fits with what everyone is going through right now. Currently, this one of my favorite songs of Day6 along with “Afraid” from this album, “The Book of Us: The Demon”.

  21. “Afraid”

    Fun Fact: This song was solely written by Sungjin and was so good that it was included in this album!

  22. “1 to 10”

    And the final song on this list, “1 to 10”. I thought I should include this song in this list not only because it is from their latest album ( Gotta promote my favorite band! ) but because it is such a favorite and gives such good vibes that how can I not include it!

Honestly, I wish I could include every single song of Day6’s and I mean that in all seriousness! Every single song they produce is sensationally good! All of their songs good be played for any emotion you are feeling. You’re sad; listen to some Day6. You’re happy; Day6. You’re super excited; Day6! You need a break from life; Day6.

There isn’t a moment where Day6 doesn’t fit in your life. Day6 is a band that honestly shows the raw emotion of life and sincerely shows those feelings in these songs. They give their all and you can really see that in these songs!

What are your favorite songs from this list? If you are a hardcore Day6 fan, what songs should I have included in this list?