Super M’s New Song : “With You”

Part of the “#STAYHOMEWITHSuperM” project and Global Citizens’ “One World: Together At Home” project, Super M released a heart-warming song titled, “With You.”

The music video was previously released on the Global Citizens’ YouTube page on April 19th. It was reuploaded on August 1st to SuperM’s main YouTube page for fans all over the world. 

The MV itself was very intimate and felt like the group wanted to get to their fans at a closer level during this hard time. The members look very comfortable and relaxed doing their own hobbies. They angelically sing to the camera, each harmonizing beautifully to create such an elegant masterpiece. 

“With You”, is a cute, uplifting song that talks about wanting to be with someone. With its witty and refreshing lyrics, SuperM has done it again! This catchy summer quarantine song will snag hearts and keep us in the happy, go-lucky mood all day! 

Not only is the video cheerful but it’s lyrics are creative as expected by genius SuperM. One of my favorite parts of the song has to be when Lucas sings, “I make art but you’re the masterpiece/ Angels do exist cuz you’re the proof.” 

Global Citizens’ “One World: Together At Home” project aimed to give some type of comfort in this tough Quarantine time period. Artists like Billie Eilish, John Legend, and Taylor Swift have come together to participate in this global project to encourage people to stay home. Global Citizens’ says this project is a “…global broadcast and digital special to support frontline healthcare workers and the WHO.”

The “#STAYATHOMEWITHSuperM” is a plan made to keep that connection with fans during Quarantine. On their official Instagram page, SuperM has released a timeline for the project. 

1.“One World: Together At Home with SuperM”                             Where: YouTube [YT]

Time: April 18, 11AM (PDT) / 2 AM (EDT) /  April 19, 3 AM (KST)     

2. “SuperM Movie Recommendations”                                           Where: Instagram

Time: April 19-25 4 PM (KST)                                                          

3. SuperM Truth or Dare Submissions                                             Where: Twitter

Time: April 20-23 4 PM (KST)                                                          

4. SuperM Live Beyond the Future                                                   Where: VLive

Time: April 26, 3 PM (KST)

5. SuperM Quarantine Playlist                                             Where: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Time: May 3-9 4 PM (KST)

6. Truth or Dare with SuperM Video Release                    Where: YT, Instagram Twitter, Facebook

Time: May 10, 4 PM (KST)

If you haven’t already check out the music video for the song, “With You” below!

Stream SuperM’s first mini-album on Spotify!