sogumm and OHHYUK “yayou hoi” MV Something Like A Fever Dream

On October 5, sogumm and OHHYUK worked together to come out with a track and music video titled “yayou hoi,” which, in all honesty, is unlike anything I have heard or seen in the music industry.

Sogumm first debuted independently in 2015. In 2019, she was apart of a hip-hop audition show called “Signhere.” Sogumm won the show and got the chance to sign with Jay Park’s label AOMG where she began her musical career. She is also part of the alternative K-pop band Balming Tiger.

Sogumm’s unique voice is somewhere between hushed, mumbled, and whispered. Her songs cater to this new type of singing. She creates a world of music meshed with indie, alternative pop, and R&B to create something that is virtually mostly unheard of in Seoul mainstream music.

In the year since her startup career at AOMG, sogumm has worked with Simon Dominic, ZICO, Jay Park, PENEMECO, pH-1, etc.

OHHYUK is part of a four-member group Hyukoh that was underground for a bit in 2014 then signed with HIGHGRND, an independent label from YG Entertainment. The indie group has slowly risen into someone fairly unknown to worldwide tours.

Hyukoh has long been said to be a group that brought indie music into Korea’s heavy pop world. They have aimed at making music that doesn’t stand to be consistent with everyone else. Rather they are unique and want to give people a taste of music that they themselves enjoy.

Together, sogumm and OHHYUK created a track titled “yayou hoi.” The chill track is perfect for listening to after a long day at night. Listening to a whole R&B playlist after a long day seems to release all the tension within one’s shoulders. However, the music video was anything but chill.

Watching the music video felt like I was within an egg-filled universe. Everything is egg related from the rooster heads to the walking half-boiled eggs.

The hypnotic music video wasn’t like what I thought it would be. It swerved from one end to the next with crazy animal figurines to flying horses. I felt like I was in someone else’s egg-themed fever dream. However, it certainly was unique and set the two apart from the various pop songs we hear.

Watch the music video below to see what I’m talking about.