Apink’s Kim Nam Joo makes Solo Debut

Actress, model, and singer, Apink’s Kim Nam Joo releases a robust new single that sets fire to her first solo debut pathway.

On Monday, September 7, Kim Nam Joo published the music video for her first single, “Bird”. This song is definitely different from what Apink has done in the past. It holds more of a darker yet stronger tone to it compared to the upbeat, pop-like songs her team had created.

Upon watching the music video, Kim Nam Joo has shown her audience sides of her as a singer that they haven’t seen before. She is fiercer and bolder in this video as she allows her self to fly free like a bird in this first solo debut, very much like what the song says.

The track talks about going after those dreams and desires. Like a bird, Kim Nam Joo wants to spread her wings and fly towards those aspirations. She was desperately searching for that flame of energy within her, and now that she has found it, she is not afraid of going after it. She isn’t scared or nervous rather she is more sure than she has ever been before. Even if she is thrown off a cliff, as the lyrics say, she is not scared because she knows she will fly, and soar in the skies.

From the fiery purple and red makeup to the intense choreography, Kim Nam Joo has made a successful solo comeback. She has worked long and hard for this and finally, got to display her strengths as a singer to her fans and new audiences.

The more I listen to the track, the more I realize how catchy it is. It leaves a refreshing impression on its listeners with its dance-like rhythm and head-bopping beats. I would blast this song on my speakers as I take a night drive with my friends as it seems the perfect place to use this song.

Overall impression: FANTASTIC!

If you haven’t already, take a look at the music video for “BIRD” below!

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