Eric Nam is Coming Back with a New Album

Fellow fans, Eric Nam is set release a new album! How are you dealing with this information, because I am through the roof with excitement!

About a week ago, Eric Nam tweeted “my album drops July 30th omg”. We have been anticipating something in the works and it’s finally coming!

On Eric Nam’s podcast show, @daebakshow, hosted by The Dive Studios, we were given hints of a new album release. If you don’t know about the Daebak show, it is a show hosted by Eric Nam himself who delves deep into the world of Kpop. Once in a while, guests, like KARD’s BM or BTOB’s Peniel, will make an appearance and have a casual chat on the show. If you haven’t already, check out the podcast on iTunes or on Spotify. There are also clips of the show featured on the YouTube channel @DIVE Studios.

On Instagram, Eric posted a retro image that gives off 80’s or 90’s vibes of the upcoming comeback. The image is of an old-fashioned computer with the words “The Other Side” on its main screen. Other objects in the picture give an idea of a ‘blast from the past’ type of feeling.

There isn’t much on the news of the comeback but I’m sure there is much more that will be leaked in the days leading up to July 30th.

Check out “Love Die Young” from Eric Nam’s most recent album!