Jeong Sewoon: An Artist To Watch

Today is THE day to check out Jeong Sewoon if you haven’t already.

Jeong Sewoon is a soloist under Starship Entertainment. If the soft-spoken artist may seem familiar to you, you may have seen him as a contestant on a couple of programs.


In 2013, Sewoon has participated in the third season of K-pop Star, a reality competition series that hold worldwide auditions to discover the next K-pop star. Sewoon has made it to the top 10 of the season but was unfortunately eliminated by episode 16.

He made his next broadcast appearance in the popular Mnet survival show series, Produce 101 Season 2, where he has gained most of his momentum. Produce 101 was a series where the public, called national producers, get to vote out of 101 trainees to be a part of the show’s project group of 11 members (later on named, Wanna One). Sewoon beautifully showcased his addictive vocals and his guitar skills through the show’s variety of challenges and concepts. However, he narrowly missed his chance to debut, ranking at 12th place.

But rest assured, two months after the finale of Produce 101 Season 2, he made his solo debut August 31st of 2017 with his first EP, Ever. The title track off the EP, Just U, is a song with a groovy kind of sound that was perfect for the summer season. He has proved his potential as an artist while being nominated for 5 awards through three year-end award shows. From the five, he has won one, the Rising Star Award from the 2nd Asia Artist Awards.

Through the past three years, he has released 5 extended plays and 6 Korean drama soundtracks, as well as participated in a Starship Entertainment and Brand New Music project group called YDPP. With each comeback and music release, Sewoon doesn’t fail to show a new side to himself while keeping true to his particular sound. There’s a warmth to his voice when he sings that makes his songs to easy and enjoyable to listen to, whether it be an upbeat love song or a sullen ballad.

Today is the perfect day to check out his music! Jeong Sewoon just made his comeback with the release of his first studio album, 24 PART 1. The album includes 6 songs, including the title track, Say Yes. ‘Say Yes’ is the perfect summer jam with smooth vocals and catchy electric beats to compliment it.

While he has gained traction from his appearance from Produce 101, I feel he is still greatly underappreciated as an artist. Not only is his singing and guitar playing great, but he can compose and write his own songs. Jeong Sewoon is truly a man of many talents, and you are missing out if you don’t give any of his songs a try. To see more of him, I would recommend watching his performances on Produce 101 which truly showcases his raw talent.

Additionally, if you want a more inside look of his personality, his appearances on It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets and his current show he is a cast member in, 4 Wheeled Restaurant, would be a great start.

If I have convinced you to check him out, maybe start with his recent release! You can watch the ‘Say Yes’ music video here.

Additionally, if you haven’t seen the last article looking over another underappreciated artist, you can check it out here! This will be an ongoing series to promote more artists that deserve more recognition. If you have any suggestions on who you think needs more attention, comment below!


  • Inês

    I’ve been Sewoon’s fan for over threee years now and every day with him is just another beautiful adventure. His music is helping me, and other Haengwoon’s (that’s his fandom name) a lot and it’s makes me sad how a talented kid like him is this underrated. Thank you so much for this article, it means the world to me.

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