Jessi’s Green Light Song “눈누난나” (Nunu Nana)

On July 30th, Queen Jessi released the music video for the title song, “Nunu Nana”, along with her EP “Nuna”. 

Jessi has been compared to something like the “Nicki Minaj” of K-Pop because of her boldness and brazen attitude that isn’t really seen by many women of the Korean entertainment industry. She has tugged on the limit of Korean music and in-turn created an environment where there could be freedom to express oneself. Her want to stay true to herself and her music is something that is shown in every release and what has made her loved by many fans. 

With this mind, Jessi has come back with another set of songs to push the barrier of K-Pop further out. Jessi returned with a new striking style and fresh dance moves. Her confidence is evidently portrayed in the music video and makes it something where girls everywhere can learn from. 

Being gutsy and fearless is probably one of the main themes shown in this music video. Ideas that mention: don’t care about the haters, living your life doing you, and having that confident attitude to tackle anything you want in life. 

The EP contains six different songs; two of which have been pre-released. “Who Dat B” and “Drip (feat. Jay Park)” have been successful hits before and are placed in this album to bless our ears again. “Put it on ya” features BM of KARD as well as nafla, making us more excited to listen to the bops these albums are going to be. 

This EP is a blend of strong vocals and refreshing lyrics that can bop heads and be the song to vibe to when you just need that pill of encouragement! 

If you haven’t already check out the music video below!