Shaun & Yuna to Release The Soulful R&B Song “So Right”

As said in our last article KR&B is beginning to make big waves internationally. And as a result, we’ve started to see more and more collaborations. One upcoming collaboration you should be excited about is between R&B artist Yuna and renowned South Korean DJ and musician Shaun. The two are coming together to release the highly anticipated single “So Right.” which will be released on February 24, 2022, at 1:00 AM PST.

Photo courtesy of Unbound Entertainment

Unbound Entertainment first dropped the news of the collab on February 14, saying. “The single “So Right” is not just a sound; it is a journey that the duo orchestrated to create sensual emotions and provide hope to the listener that loves is just around the corner if we can only close our eyes and trust there is. The journey began with Unbound Entertainment and their continuous focus on multiculturalism within the industry. But for this project, the brand chose to honor the Asian American narrative specifically. ”

Not only will the song be a multiculturalism collaboration, but it’ll also have a soulful sound produced by Shaun matched with emotional lyrics written by Yuna.

Shaun and Yuna’s “So Right” is set to drop on February 24 @ 6 PM KST.

Source: Unbound Entertainment


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