A Spring Song Played By The BLANK Shop X Wonpil Called The “Love Song”

On September 17, The Blank Shop ( aka Yoon Seok Cheol 윤석철 ) collaborated with DAY6’s Wonpil in the song “Love Song” for his album “Tailor”.

Yoon Seok Cheol is a jazz pianist and is known as one of the best in his field. He is also known as part of a jazz trio with bassist, Jung Sang Yi, and drummer, Kim Yong Jin. They have been active in the field for a while; according to Spotify, as early as 2013. Their music is one of a kind, garnering them attention from all over Korea as well as abroad.

He plays something within modern jazz, mixed with slight hip-hop with a sprinkle of pop. The creativity of Yoon Seok Cheol’s music has produced something one-of-a-kind and exciting into the world of jazz music.

On September 17, Yoon Seok Cheol has released his first album under the name “The BLANK Shop”. There are fourteen songs in this album featuring artists like 10CM, Ha Heonjin, Yerin Baek, and of course Day6’s Wonpil!

The song with Day6’s Wonpil is like a happy pill. After listening to this song, my cloudy day suddenly felt like a bright, spring morning. A surge of energy has uprooted me and I suddenly feel like I’m floating on fluffy, white clouds. Like I have suddenly gotten the “love bug”, I’m filled with a surge of happy emotions that just won’t seem to let me go.

Wonpil’s vocals in this track are so sweet like honey as he so effortlessly sings with aesthetic comfortable ease. The lyrics also make his voice all the sweeter. When the song says, “I’m going over to meet you/ I’m going to tell you that ‘I love you’ “, I couldn’t help but feel a wash of a warm fuzzy feeling overwhelm me.

If you haven’t already, listen to The BLANK Shop X Wonpil’s song below!

Also, you can stream Yoon Seok Cheol’s full album on Spotify or iTunes. Be sure to do that, because you will not regret it! Take your time, and listen to each song carefully when you are free and relaxed.

Lastly, if you are interested in what new things Yoon Seok Cheol has planned, you can follow him @scjazzy.

What do you think about the track, “Love Song”? Let us know below!

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