Taemin’s Reality Show “Rare Taem”

According to SM Entertainment, SHINee’s Taemin is going to be back in a new reality show on YouTube titled, “Rare-Taem”. Featuring his “magic hands”, Taemin will show the best side of himself as a host of this show. The show will have Taemin playing games, enjoying the pace of life around him, cooking, and relishing in the taste of mukbangs.

Not much about the show is known yet besides what SM tells us. According to SM entertainment,

“RARE-TAEM” shows TAEMIN’s process of creating special rare items to match the mission keywords that come out through the dollar rim pan game.”

Taemin will create some rare items, hence the title of show “Rare-Taem”, in a hut in the middle of a quiet forest. According to SM, Taemin will use these rare items in exchange for cooking, mukbang, and healing time.

The first teaser for “Rare-Taem” was released on SHINee’s YouTube Channel and Naver V Live SM Town on August 20th. Check out the teaser below!

The first episode of “RARE-TAEM: 오늘은 태민이 게임왕” (or Today Taemin is the Game King) will release on September 3 at 8 PM!

In other news, Taemin’s recent song “2 Kids” has occupied the “1st place in 21 regions of the iTunes top song chart world”. Taemin will release albums for “Act 1” and “Act 2” soon! Look forward to more news on that!



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